Services in Real Estate

We work in various markets including education, healthcare, public and commercial real estate. Our broad-based services and market knowledge enable us to approach the built environment from a cross-market perspective. This requires us, on the one hand, to put ourselves in our clients' shoes and, on the other, to approach issues from the perspective of the stakeholders involved. This results in an integral approach that we use for every question.


Change is the constant factor in today's and tomorrow's world, regardless of the market or sector. This makes determining organisational strategy more important than ever, especially when it comes to the quality of working, learning and living environments. The demands we make on the built environment are becoming increasingly higher. Accompanied by scarcity of space, climate change, mobility, growing regulations and financial constraints. This creates more and more issues, where all the pieces of the puzzle rarely fit together immediately. Tackling these challenges requires brainpower, strategic insight and a passion for unravelling puzzles and put choices into practice. This also means that you can count on us for well-considered and strategic advice to make the right choices for today's and tomorrow's working, learning, and living environments.

We are well-versed in strategic, legal and financial issues concerning real estate portfolios, project development, area development and housing projects. Our team of consultants, lawyers and financial experts, provide comprehensive support for your needs. We are neither a report factory nor a fee burner.

Our advice must be a solution with lasting positive impact. Our style of advice is more than a partnership; we are clear about what is and isn’t possible. We do not pass on so-called “hot potatoes” but grab them with both hands to prevent you from having to take backward steps later in the process. So no stories with “rose-tinted glasses”, just realistic and feasible solutions. Future-proofing is a key pillar of our services. For us, this means staying ahead by continually innovating and providing data-driven advice by using the latest tooling, among other things. This ensures that every strategy and advice we offer has maximum impact.


Our involvement need not stop at Strategy & Advice. We are there for you from idea to implementation, through our Development & Preparation and Realisation & Control services. Making what we have come up with a reality.  

Our Strategy & Advice services include:

  • Site selection

  • Feasibility studies

  • Development strategy

  • Sustainability and circularity

  • Financial real estate advice

  • Legal advice

  • Housing advice

  • Strategic real estate plans/IHP