We translate your ambitions into innovative solutions for working, learning and living environments. This is how we arrive at beautiful and socially viable projects, which we realize within time and budget.

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We take real estate to the next level with the goal of making the world around us a little better every day.


Every day we work with our clients on future-oriented solutions for working, learning and living environments. We ensure a grip on processes and projects and dare to provide directional advice. This is how we raise real estate to a higher level with the aim of making the world around us a little better every day.


We believe that the environment we create should have a lasting positive impact on people's well-being and performance.

With our vision, energy and guts, we challenge parties to work together on a future-proof built environment.

We translate your ambitions into innovative solutions for working, learning and living environments. This is how we come to socially feasible projects, which we help to realize within time and budget.

Acceleration challenge or paralysis challenge?

Professional real estate operators, governments and policymakers have long talked about an acceleration challenge, but in reality it seems to be more of a paralysis challenge. In practice, there’s a lack of capacity to get (area) developments off the ground, resulting in a deterioration in quality due to limited knowledge and experience among municipalities and developers. There’s also a case of inefficient collaboration between different disciplines, where the so-called “hot potatoes” are passed around, and an accumulation of requirements, leading to delays and extra costs. Rising interest rates and high construction costs also have a negative impact on business cases and confidence in development work. To address these issues, there is a need for a change of approach and the creation of trust by taking crucial decisions early and using data-driven action. Setting up integrated project teams and establishing clear preconditions can help minimise risks and shorten the development process.

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Integration of AI in the development process

The RYSE New Development Process uses the power of Artificial Intelligence throughout the development process. This is where smart software, sustainability and personal commitment all come together. Our unique approach offers efficiency, precision, flexibility and durability. We can develop projects more quickly and with fewer errors, saving time and costs while delivering high quality. These synergies lead to cost-effectiveness, improved decision-making and a more sustainable future. Trust us - this approach guarantees the very best results for your assignment.

Buildings with a positive impact on people and the world around us

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly decisive in investment decisions and asset management. On the one hand, as a result of legislation and regulations, but on the other hand, by pressure from users, customers, and financiers, prompting the need to broaden and sharpen sustainability policies.But how do you make this concrete, applicable and measurable?

Accelerate, condense and sustain

Based on the above, we have identified three themes that we focus on. In today's dynamic world, it is crucial to accelerate, condense, and sustain in our cities.Creating the ideal conditions for development at an early stage makes the business case viable and lays a solid foundation for rapid progress.

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