RYSE operates in four different sectors

Healthcare Real Estate

The Dutch healthcare sector plays a significant role in both the national economy and the promotion of a healthy society. The healthcare real estate required for this encompasses all buildings and facilities used for providing high-quality care. Whether it’s hospitals, clinics, nursing and care homes, housing for people with disabilities or medical practices, the right healthcare real estate supports the primary process of providing the very best possible healthcare. 

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate plays a crucial role in both our economy and society. Not only is it an important engine for economic growth, but because it is demand-driven, it responds to current needs in society. Commercial real estate creates space for living, working and recreation. But it goes beyond that; the impact of new functions, to heighten the experience, is often an essential part in the urban development and revitalisation of an area. It creates pleasant destinations for both business and leisure activities, making areas more attractive to residents, visitors and investors.

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Educational Housing

Our world is changing so rapidly that change seems to be the only constant in everything we plan, conceive and do. Just think about the influence of social media, the digitalisation and individualisation of our society. Social issues are developing in a fast and rather complex way, where everything is interrelated. All these changes place new demands on pupils, students and employees. They, in turn, place new demands on the learning and working environment. Everything revolves around a pleasant environment that stimulates learning and lays the foundation for the development of every talent. “Education is making an impact on all aspects of life.” Education is no longer just about sharing knowledge but is primarily about the continual development of individuals. All this in a healthy and inspiring environment.

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Public Real Estate

Every public entity in the Netherlands has its own social real estate challenge. Whether it’s about making property portfolios more sustainable, accelerating housing construction, providing administrative housing or realising a public building. The focus is always on the needs and values of society and contributing to an inclusive and liveable environment. The level of facilities in the Netherlands has been under pressure for some time, while their relevance in today's society has never been greater. Higher ambitions with regard to sustainability and accessibility must be fulfilled with fewer and fewer resources.

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