Services in Real Estate

We work in various markets including education, healthcare, public and commercial real estate. Our broad-based services and market knowledge enable us to approach the built environment from a cross-market perspective. This requires us, on the one hand, to put ourselves in our clients' shoes and, on the other, to approach issues from the perspective of the stakeholders involved. This results in an integral approach that we use for every question.


The realisation phase is the period where a project truly comes to life. Every day, a changing construction site brings your real estate ambitions closer. This is also the period where plans on paper are turned into reality, because building involves bringing together a large number of documents, agreements made between parties and clear lines of communication. The purpose of this is to keep a sharp eye on the final picture. A successful start to this phase requires documents and agreements that fit together to avoid miscommunication, delays and financial risks in the construction process. After all, construction involves a high degree of speed where decisions have to be made in a timely manner, when influencing the design, without consequences, becomes increasingly limited. The result of this phase is that you get what has been contracted with the executing parties, namely a building that meets your requirements and wishes, as conceived on paper.

To manage the complexity of construction and ensure a predictable construction process, collaboration with executing parties is required. This collaboration takes various forms, such as a traditional contract, construction team or integrated/turnkey contract. Each of these contract forms presents opportunities and risks, but also require different methods of management and behaviour from the parties involved. The common denominator in these forms of collaboration is control of the objectives in terms of money, risks, organisation, time, information and quality (GROTIK).

Managing and controlling construction requires specific expertise in areas such as finance, technology, legal and organisational matters. Our team, consisting of expert and dedicated construction managers and supervisors, have already proven their ability to get projects off the ground. Their strong commitment, pragmatic approach and passion for the job, makes them the driving force. Always focused on predictable execution processes and timely delivery of projects with a keen eye for quality. The use of tools is not unlikely in this regard, to track and assess the management of execution aspects, providing you with insights into ongoing developments and the project's progress.


Our style of advice is more than a partnership, we’re clear about what is and isn’t possible. We never pass on so-called “hot potatoes” but grab them with both hands to prevent you from having to take backwards steps later in the process. So no stories with “rose-tinted glasses” just realistic and feasible solutions.


Our services in the Realisation & Control phase include:

  • Construction management

  • Contract management

  • Quality and construction supervision

  • Completion coordination

  • Risk management


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